When is a horror movie more than a horror movie? (Danger Word: 19 days to go!)

When is a horror movie more than a horror movie?

When it’s funded by a community.

When it gives black actors a chance to be heroes and heroines.

When it’s about teaching our children to be strong.

Danger Word began as a dream, but that dream is more and more real every day.  With only 19 days before the shoot, it’s time to buy plane tickets, put down deposits and meet contractual obligations.  And we’re not even halfway to our shooting day goal!  But we have faith.

In Harlem, when tenants were short on the month’s rent, they used to hold Rent Parties with food and entertainment to help make ends meet.  The Danger Word family of supporters is holding its own rent party—with donors giving as little as a dollar just be to be a part of our project…and some unexpected surprises.

Chlee Collage (Artist: Candace Hunter)

Chlee Collage (Artist: Candace Hunter)

Artist Candace Hunter, currently on exhibition at the famed DuSable Museum of African-American History in Chicago, has offered this original artwork for auction to raise money for Danger Word. (Click this link to eBay to learn more.) 

Yes, it’s like that.

Because Danger Word isn’t just a horror movie—it’s about taking control of our images on the screen, taking control of our art, and creating a road map to help our children follow their own dreams.

If this is the first you’ve heard about Danger Word, please check out the About page, our Cast and Crew, and learn more about this unique project.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to donate, this is it.  Please visit our DONATE page and learn about packages for donors—including a chance to be a zombie.

Will Danger Word be scary?  You bet!  If you watched the above promo video with talented young actress Saoirse Scott (Kendra) recorded from Skype, you got just a taste of the peril our young protagonist is facing.

But sometimes a horror movie is about so much more.

Articles about Danger Word:

From Shadow & Act (Indiewire): “Authors Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes Team up for Horror Short ‘Danger Word’ (fundraising)

From ComicMix: “Eulogy for the Sacrificial Negro


11 thoughts on “When is a horror movie more than a horror movie? (Danger Word: 19 days to go!)

  1. Check out artwork – CHECK. Check the About page – CHECK. See the Cast and Crew – CHECK. Can’t donate now… but will share the HELL outta this to help raise awareness… Love it when people take action to creat change… Plus – love me my ZOMBIES! Great post! Good luck loves!

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