Danger Word short film: shooting this weekend! (Can you donate today?)

“Why don’t we stop complaining about Hollywood and make our own film?”

Frankie Faison stars

Frankie Faison stars

Weeks ago, it was just a notion.  Now, thanks to you, the dream is real.   Our cast and crew are in rural Delancey, New York to shoot Danger Word over Memorial Day weekend.  Why would a veteran actor like Frankie Faison (“The Wire”) agree to drive himself to our rustic location on his break from shooting Cinemax’s “Banshee” to work on a 15-minute film?  (Hint: It’s not for the pay.)   

To tell a story no one else would tell.

His 12-year-old co-star, Saoirse Scott, has an Irish name that means Freedom. Freedom from stereotypes.  Freedom from limitations.  Freedom from invisibility.

Introducing  Saoirse Scott

Saoirse Scott

Freedom begins with you.  (If you’re ready to help, please click here to learn about our donor gifts and to DONATE NOW.) 

On the surface, Danger Word is a zombie film.  

Based on the YA horror novel Devil’s Wake, it’s about a 13-year-old girl and her grandfather who have survived the zombie plague in his wooded cabin–and how her birthday goes badly awry.  (Learn more about Danger Word on our ABOUT page.)

But it’s mostly about a grandfather’s love for his grandchild, a changing world, the fear that we cannot keep our children and grandchildren safe from the hazards beyond our doors, and the shock of being forced to grow up too soon. Real-world issues many of us know all too well.

Through our donor family of more than 100 friends, readers, horror lovers and independent film lovers, we have raised nearly $10,000 of our shooting day goal of $15,000. 

But we don’t have enough funds to pay our crew what they were promised—and do everything we can to make this film is the best it can be.  (And that’s not counting our post-production costs.)      

Our donors have given as little as $5 and as much as $1,000.  Two of our associate producers are serving in Afghanistan (Muncko Kruize and Timika M. Wilson). One donor is an Oscar nominee (Josh Olson). A Tony Award nominee (Stephanie D’Abruzzo). Program director for the Charlotte Black Film Festival (Tré McGriff). An artist who auctioned her artwork (Candace Hunter).  All of them believe in the same dream.

Can you help us today?


Our creepy barn interior for Danger Word

Our creepy barn interior for Danger Word


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