Danger Word: how a community shot its own short film

We wanted to make a short horror film, and we believed we could fund it within our own community of friends and strangers who shared our dream of creating a story and characters we could be proud of.    

We met our Phase I goal!

We met our Phase I goal!

Thanks to you, Danger Word has been shot, is being edited, and will have a trailer online soon!  We are grateful beyond words for the support of our backers.  Thanks to you, this story of a grandfather and his granddaughter who have survived the zombie plague in his wooded cabin is a reality, not just a dream. (To learn more about Danger Word, click ABOUT.) 

Phase I of our fundraising campaign–which relied mostly on Facebook and social media to spread the word–has been a success.  We wanted to raise $15,000, and we surpassed our goal!  (Even minus $442 in PayPal fees.) 

Now we have moved to Phase II. Phase I was for preproduction/production, and Phase II will be for post-production.  (Until our Indiegogo campaign is set up, we will continue to raise funds on this website.)  Our Phase II campaign will be for $12,500–not quite as much, but still costly to pay for the professional technicians and editors who will make this short film look and sound as good as any you would see in a movie theater.  Click here to contribute to the post-production campaign

For a longer explanation of how production costs work, read on.  For now, we just wanted to say thank you!!!!

Danger Word stars Frankie Faison (Grandpa Joe) and Kendra (Saoirse Scott)

Danger Word stars Frankie Faison (Grandpa Joe) and Kendra (Saoirse Scott)


The first $15,000–what we called Phase I–went to cast, crew, equipment rental, location rental, makeup and F/X, transportation, and maintaining the set during production.   That is “pre-production” and “production” expense, and it came to about a thousand dollars a minute!  (By contrast, a Hollywood movie averages a million dollars a minute!) Our director/co-producer Luchina Fisher stretched ever last dollar to the breaking point, and wrung every last scrap of value from every last penny.    

 Now we move to Phase II, known as “post production”—color correction, sound balancing, music, editing, ADR (dialogue replacement often used, for example, in moving vehicles), deferred travel expenses and the like.  This is where we take the raw footage and assemble it into a trailer, and then a movie.  These two phases were designed to be “crowd funded” (or, as we like to call it, “community funded”).  Phase II will soon shift to a more “public” vehicle, Indiegogo, where the strength of our trailer will help us move beyond the circle of our friends, fans, and family to show our newborn child to the world.  Those who have contributed already—bless and thank you.  We ask only that you keep us in your hearts, and share the Indiegogo link with your friends, Twitter streams and Facebook friends when we launch. 

The trailer will be ready soon!  Can’t wait to share it.  Thank you again for making this magical journey possible for all of us. 

3 thoughts on “Danger Word: how a community shot its own short film

    • Danger Word is a zombie movie about our human modern condition as the “walking dead” -machines that just consume -without any humanity. But there is hope in our grand children.

      John Due.

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