The top zombie short films you should watch right now

We’re very picky about horror movies, but Danger Word is in good company with other zombie shorts on YouTube. Here are the top six zombie short picks you should watch in bite-sized morsels. The best zombie stories are about people, after all. You won’t be disappointed! (More to come! This list will grow. Feel free to suggest other links.)
1–Danger Word. Don’t take our word for it: Geek Tyrant just called Danger Word “a great zombie short” and “fantastic and intense.” (Directed by Luchina Fisher. Written by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due)

2–CargoIf you haven’t seen this zombie short about a man and a baby, watch it now. It doesn’t have 6.1 million views for nothing. As good as it gets, and it’s only 7 minutes long. You’ll want to watch it more than once. Watch it HERE. (Directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke) 

3–Gory Ridge–Parts I & II. This is a well-done, touching and realistic mockumentary in the style of The History Channel. What World War Z looked like in your head while you were reading the novel. Riveting. Watch it HERE. (Directed by Alek Gearhart) 

4–Infected. A young man is pushed to the brink in his quest to survive. Stylish and well-acted. Watch it HERE. (Written and directed by Mikey D’Amico) 

5– Perished. This looks like a lost chapter from 28 Days Later. For hard-core zombie lovers. Mature content. Watch it HERE. (Written and directed by Stefan A. Radanovich and Aaron McCann) 

6–Prey. Solid premise and acting. And no, the zombies aren’t shamblers. They’re runners. Watch it HERE. (Directed by Cal O’Connell) 

Danger Word selected for the Pan African Film Festival! (Feb. 6-17, 2014)

Happy New Year, everyone!

We have been busy. We had a great time at the BronzeLens Film Festival in Atlanta, where we were nominated for Best Short–and now we have been selected for the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles (Feb. 6-17). We will also have more news soon about “Danger Word” and the YA horror novel it was adapted from, Devil’s Wake.

Thank you so much for your patience. I know you are eager to see the film, but we are submitting it to film festivals before we can make it available to the public. You definitely will have a chance to see it in 2014!

For now, in case you missed it, here’s our trailer:

And here’s our official poster!

Official Danger Word poster

Official Danger Word poster

Danger Word moves fundraising to Indiegogo

We’re more than halfway there!

Since March, more than 200 contributors have visited this site to give between $1 and $1,000 toward the filming of Danger Word, which was shot over Memorial Day weekend (2013).  Primarily using Facebook and social media, we pulled off a tiny miracle through “community funding”–thanks to you!

Frankie Faison (Grandpa Joe) and Saoirse Scott (Kendra) face the zombie plague

Frankie Faison (Grandpa Joe) and Saoirse Scott (Kendra) face the zombie plague

Now we’ve moved our fundraising effort to the crowd funding platform Indiegogo for Phase II: post-production.  That’s the phase where we improve the images and sound to create a film that can be exhibited in the company of quality films.  (Who knows? Maybe even at Sundance!)  Right now, all we have is raw footage of great performances from our stars Frankie Faison and Saoirse Scott.

Technical experts will take Danger Word the rest of the way.

Check out our short Indiegogo pitch (and a sneak peek at the trailer!):

PLEASE SHARE our easy-to-remember Indiegogo fundraising page:

Also check out Tananarive Due’s recent post in The Grio about why we decided to make Danger Word ourselves: “Great pitch! But do the characters have to be black?” 

Even if you can’t give now, or have already given, please SHARE the site with  your friends and family.  Can you help us spread the word about Danger Word?

We will have an exciting new gift to offer soon!  And we have added a free PDF of the screenplay for contributors who give $25 or more.

The site will also soon expand to offer a NEWS & PRESS page:  Danger Word has been covered in Shadow and Act, The Huffington Post, MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” and The Grio

Thank you for helping us make the dream real! 

DANGER WORD SCREEN poster-600x400