Danger Word film: we have a TRAILER!

Presenting…the first public footage from Danger Word, which we shot with community funding over Memorial Day weekend.  

Check it out!

Danger Word co-stars veteran actor Frankie Faison (The Wire, Banshee, The Silence of the Lambs) and promising newcomer Saoirse Scott (One Life to Live) as a grandfather and granddaughter who have survived the zombie plague in his wooded cabin…and how her birthday goes awry.   

This trailer was created by our talented editor, Terence Taylor (also a horror writer!).  We think it captures the character-driven nature of our scary little movie.

Our backers include groundbreaking film director Julie Dash (Daughters of the Dust), Oscar nominee Josh Olson (Best Adapted Screenplay, A History of Violence), Tony nominee Stephanie D’Abruzzo (Avenue Q), and bestselling novelists Larry Niven, Connie Briscoe and Bernice L. McFadden, as well as nearly 200 other friends, family, readers and strangers who are ready to create a short horror film we can all be proud of.  (And we want to do a feature next!) 

We have launched our pre-production campaign to finish this film.  To contribute to Danger Word, click here.