Here are screenwriters Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due talking about why they wrote Danger Word: 



Many of you haven’t seen DEATH IN THE FAMILY (2012), co-starring Victoria Rowell, which was director Luchina Fisher’s debut short film.  Although DANGER WORD is a zombie film, she will bring the same eye for character development and richly textured visual storytelling. 

Here’s DEATH IN THE FAMILY (based on a true incident):


Our Director of Photography (DP) is Eric Schneider, who just shot and edited this terrific music video for R&B sensation Miguel.  Here’s “Candles in the Sun”: 


This next video is just for fun! 

THIS IS NOT FOOTAGE FROM THE DANGER WORD FILM, which will have a top-notch cast and crew.

This was a book trailer shot on an iPhone with the co-authors’ son.  This scene has nothing to do with the DANGER WORD story…except for the zombie part.  DEVIL’S WAKE includes the “Danger Word” vignette we are about to shoot.  The short story was so powerful that it grew into a novel series.

Like this homemade trailer, sometimes great things grow from small beginnings.  It’s fun to remember where we started on this amazing  journey.

Since you’re here, check it out.  

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